Competition Phases

Welcome to the Intergalactic® International Pageant.

Do you have what it takes to win the Crown?

Interview 50 of overall score%

Individual interviews are conducted between each judge and the contestants, There are a total of 5 judges.
Each contestant will have 5 minutes lomg. Each contestant is required to have a platform,
(something that the contestant has a passion for). Judges will keep in mind, accomplishments, family commitment,
communication skills, community involvement and overall appearance. There is no comparative judging in this system.
Dress for interview segment is business suit. Judging will be based on conversational skill,
personality, demeanor, and appropriate grooming for event

Community Service Initiative  40%

This phase of the competition will focus on the delegates to work in community service.
She will demonstrate the passion she has for the cause of her choice. It will not be based on the amount or type of community service,
rather the real passion and intent make a difference in her community.

Evening Wear 5%

Contestant will select the evening gown of her choice. Husbands may escort their wife on stage during this segment of the competition. Other divisions may or may not have escorts depending on the year and director’s choice. Evening gown will be scored on the self-confidence, poise, and grace the contestant shows in this phase of competition . Fit and appropriateness for age will also be taken into consideration. Gowns must be floor length.

Swimsuit  5%

Contestants will select this item. This may be one or two-piece. It may have cut-outs,
but must still be full coverage and exhibit good judgment and taste based on contestants age, etc; NO thongs.
Each contestant will be judged on being physically fit, energetic, healthy, good body proportion, muscle tone, and confidence.
Pre-Teen, and teens will wear activewear.   Mrs.,  and Ms., division entrants have the choice of competing in swimsuit or activewear.

 Crown Jewels Truly Fit For a Queen

Careful consideration was made in selecting the crown jewels for our  Intergalactic® International Titleholders.  We searched for a crown that is not only beautiful, but makes a bold statement that the wearer is Royalty personified.  Do you have what it takes to win this Crown?

Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, the pageant will be conducted as a video submission pageant. For additional details, click the link below.

UNLeash Your Potential

Why Should You Enter ?

Gain Self-Confidence & Poise

You’ll Become Confident in who you are as person. You will gain essential skills that improve your poise, and
self-confidence, as you strive to be your personal best.


Gain Communication Skills

In an increasingly competitive world, great communication skills are essential in every facet of your life.


Gain Empowerment

Each pageant entrant will feel empowered to  succeed in all areas of her life, and empower others to do the same.