Welcome to the Intergalactic® International Pageant.

Do you have what it takes to win the Crown?

Pageant Information

The process begins with filling out and submitting the online application & paying your entry fee.   Based on your age, you will
enter for your specific age division.   As an appointed state or country titleholder for your age division, you will automatically move forward
to the National competition.

The Entry fee is only $695.00!!!!  It helps cover some of the expenses involved in producing this pageant.  Although the pageant is being held as a virtual video submission pageant, we have to hire,
Payment can be made directly via the online application.   We've kept the fee at the lowest rate possible, so that any natural-born female,  who wishes to participate, can.  The fee listed above is for your State and/or Country title and entry into the National competition. Titles will go fast, so secure your entry today!

Once you've paid the full $695 entry fee,  your sash & crown, swimwear and other entry materials will be mailed to you, approximately 3-4 weeks.
Entrants will receive your interview questions packet and your sponsorship package, to help you obtain sponsors, electronically.

The deadline to enter is December 31st 2020, and will be strictly enforced. This will allow the time needed to edit the video entries for each state/country delegate and then upload all entries for each state into the judging system software that will be used by our judges, to judge and select the national titleholders for each age division.

The age categories for the Intergalactic ® International are,  Mrs., Ms., Miss.,  Miss Teen, Miss Jr Teen, and Miss Pre-teen.
For more specific details for the age ranges, please visit our Entrants Age Divisions page

Yes, and no.    If you're legally married to a spouse, you must enter the Mrs. Division.     If you're not married or divorced you may enter the Ms. Division.   Please see the Entrants Age Divisions page for more specific clarifications as to the age division requirements.

We've kept the entry fee's at the lowest minimum possible. $695.00/State is a great price to pay to enter the national competition and be considered for the national titleholder position. The average cost to enter a National Competition, for most pageant systems are at least $895 and above.

If you refer a total of 10 contestants and they pay their entry fee in full, we will provide a $50.00 discount off your entry fee.  This will be paid back to you, once the
competition has concluded and the winners are selected.

If enter to represent your state or country title, for the International competition, the expenses that will
not be covered are as follows:

• Hotel Accommodations
• Travel Expenses
• Opening Number and Competition Wardrobe
• Digital Program Magazine Advertisement (optional)
• Personal/Family Expenses
• Tickets
• Photos
• Pageant DVD

Since this year is being held as an online video submission pageant, you won't incur the above-mentioned expenses.

Due to pre-pageant , and pageant costs, your entry fee is nonrefundable.

You may pay your own entry fee, or seek sponsors to assist you. You will be provided with a sponsorship package, to assist you
in obtaining sponsors to offset the costs for entry into the pageant, once you've paid your entry fee.

Delegates must be paid in full by December 31st, 2020, by applying and paying for your entry fee,  through our online application.

The Intergalactic ® International pageant will not refund any fees paid to participate in the national pageant.
This includes, but is not limited to, entry fees, ad page fees, tickets purchased, etc. So please by sure you're
committed to entering and willing to compete for your individual state or country title, before you apply and
pay your entry fee.

Due to pageant and production expenses, your entry fee is non-transferable.

No, ad pages are not mandatory but encouraged. The full color, full-page ads sell for $500.00 each. Ad pages can be valuable tools to help you recruit sponsors. These pages may be laid out however you like within design specifications. They should include your name and a photo of you with sponsors' information or wording of your choice (subject to approval). The Digital & Printed Program Magazine is a full-color publication; therefore, all ads must be full color.

There are five to seven judges on the judging panel for each age division, and they will judge all phases of the competition.
There will be a preliminary round, semi-finalist round, and a finalist round. Each round will have different judges.

Delegates will not know who the judges are prior to competition.
We will be selecting judges who are in the pageant, modeling and entertainment industry, and other professions.
If a judge does knows you personally, they will be required to abstain from judging, in order to maintain a fair and unbiased competition for all entrants.

Delegates will be judged on attitude, poise, personality, appearance, and beauty. Intergalactic ® International titleholders
must be articulate and possess an inner as well as outer beauty. They must have a sense of confidence and purpose,
and be able to communicate effectively while being able to manage the responsibility of being an Intergalactic ® International titleholder.

Appointed State & Country Titleholders are required to make at least one (1) appearance per month.
Princess thru Teen titleholders are required to make at least six (6) appearances per year (one every other month).
International titleholders will be required to make a minimum of 36 appearances during her reign.

• Promoting the Intergalactic ® International Pageant.
• Serving as a role model.
• Representing charitable causes and working on public service projects.
• Making appearances at a variety of events, banquets, hospitals, trade shows, benefits, retail outlets, etc.
• Working with the national office and its sponsors; appearing in advertising and promotional campaigns and activities.
• Cooperating with, and working under the direction of the National Director and pageant staff.
• Returning to the following pageant to crown your successor.

The Intergalactic ® International pageant is owned and operated by Crown & Coronation LLC.
The name, logo or ‘slogan’ may not be used without written permission from Crown & Coronation LLC.

If you have questions that are not answered on this list, please contact us by going to our contact page.  We
will respond to your inquiry usually within 24 hours time frame.

We are not conducting live pageants at this time.
Your health and well-being is our number one priority.

Due to the health risks involved with the Covid19 Pandemic, many pageant systems have halted their pageants indefinitely.
Intergalactic ® International has opted to conduct the  pageant competition, as a video entry pageant.

This is in compliance with State and Federal mandates, to reduce the potential infection rate due to the Covid19 Pandemic.

This will also cut costs for entrants, as they will not have to worry about travel, hotel, food expenses, etc.

You can then focus more on your presentation for your entry for the video submission pageant.
This will allow more women and girls the opportunity to enter & compete for the national title.
Please refer to our "How to Enter" page for further information on how the competition is conducted.

 Crown Jewels Truly Fit For a Queen

Careful consideration was made in selecting the crown jewels for our  Intergalactic® International Titleholders.  We searched for a crown that is not only beautiful, but makes a bold statement that the wearer is Royalty personified.  Do you have what it takes to win this Crown?

Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, the pageant will be conducted as a video submission pageant. For additional details, click the link below.

UNLeash Your Potential

Why Should You Enter ?

Gain Self-Confidence & Poise

You’ll Become Confident in who you are as person. You will gain essential skills that improve your poise, and
self-confidence, as you strive to be your personal best.


Gain Communication Skills

In an increasingly competitive world, great communication skills are essential in every facet of your life.


Gain Empowerment

Each pageant entrant will feel empowered to  succeed in all areas of her life, and empower others to do the same.