Crown & Coronation Productions, LLC is searching for the next  the Intergalactic® International Titleholders for 2021.  We believe that there’s more than one definition of a beautiful woman. A woman that embraces her own personal strengths, talents, intelligence , and beauty, and showcases that with poise, confidence and dignity, is a great example of a beautiful woman. All women should be valued and appreciated not only for their looks, but also for their talents, personalities, achievements and life goals. Women today are more culturally and intellectually diverse, complex, and intelligent. , They are shaping the future, for the next generation.   All women have the power to empower others to succeed, and make the world a better place. An Intergalactic® titleholder, lives a multi-faceted lifestyle, fueled by her passions and interests. Her  purpose is to Unite, Empower, and Inspire women to become their personal best. Enter today to become our next Intergalactic® titleholder. Our “Beauty among the stars TM