Prize Package

Welcome to the Intergalactic® International Pageant.

Do you have what it takes to win the Crown?

    • Cash Prize $1000 (Minimum of 30 entrants required /age division; may be prorated)
    • National Crown
    • National Embroidered  Sash
    • Sash Pin
    • Crown Pin
    • Crown Case
    • Nail Stamping Kit
    • Gorgeous Necklace and earings
    • Intergalactic ® Beauty apparel
    • Website for a Year
    • FB Page for a Year
    • Twitter Page for a Year
    • A year of amazing appearance opportunities!
    • Features in print , social media and other Media
    • One year Subscription to Pageantry Magazine
    • The titleholder of the Day Feature: Pageant Planet
    • Bouquet of Roses
    • Photo Shoot  $200.00 value
    • Business Cards and Autograph Comp Cards
    • National Title Car Magnet
    • Prizes From Sponsors



  • National Runners Up Each Receive

    • 1st runner up: Regional Title for U.S./Intl
    • 1st runner up   Free Entry for Next Year
    • 2nd Runner :Trophy
    • 2nd Runner Up:  50% off entry fee for the following year
    • 3rd Runner Up Trophy
    • 3rd Runner up: 25% off entry fee for next year.
    • Trophy:4th & 5th Runners up
    • 10% off  Entry fee for next year4th/5th Runners Up:
    • All Runners Up: Prizes from Sponsors
      All Runner’s up: Eligbility for a Regional Title

    • A beautiful state/country Crown
    • A gorgeous state/country embroidered sash with bling on it
    • A Crown Pin for your sash
    • 1200+ pageant questions packet to help you prepare for the interview competition
    • A  1 piece or 2 piece Swimsuit of your choice for the swimsuit competition
    • Sponsorship acquisition information packet.
    • 1 page ad in the program book for title holder.
    • State FB page that you can update throughout the year with appearance pics etc.
    • Entry into the People’s choice award on Pageant Planet: Cash Prize & Plaque Awarded.
    • Eligibility & consideration for the Intergalactic® International Title for your age division
    • Eligibility for  a Regional Title, if you make the Top 10, or Top 5 (Based on # of entrants) if you are not selected as the International Titleholder.
    • State Titleholder page on the main Intergalactic® International website
    • Media Exposure on Pageant Planet and other media
    • Prizes/Gifts from Sponsors as they are obtained.

 Crown Jewels Truly Fit For a Queen

Careful consideration was made in selecting the crown jewels for our  Intergalactic® International Titleholders.  We searched for a crown that is not only beautiful, but makes a bold statement that the wearer is Royalty personified.  Do you have what it takes to win this Crown?

Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, the pageant will be conducted as a video submission pageant. For additional details, click the link below.

UNLeash Your Potential

Why Should You Enter ?

Gain Self-Confidence & Poise

You’ll Become Confident in who you are as person. You will gain essential skills that improve your poise, and
self-confidence, as you strive to be your personal best.


Gain Communication Skills

In an increasingly competitive world, great communication skills are essential in every facet of your life.


Gain Empowerment

Each pageant entrant will feel empowered to  succeed in all areas of her life, and empower others to do the same.